Reviewing the Porsche Taycan lease car.

Reviewing the Porsche Taycan lease car.

2021 Porsche Taycan: Review, Specs, Lease Deals & Business Lease Deals

The fact that Porsche was late to the party when it came to electromobility is not surprising. But it may have been worth it! Tesla was first off the gun nearly a decade ago with its Model S saloon equipped with a powerful electric motor with a range suitable for intercity travel. Porsche unveiled the Taycan at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in September 2019.

The pulling power of the Taycan’s electric engine and the sheer pleasure of its acceleration is just too tempting. The car accelerates its 2.3 tonnes from 0-62 mph in just under three seconds. Even two-seater and ultra-light super sports cars hardly ever offer such acceleration. Moreover, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S has a city range of 270-296 miles.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into the 2021 Porsche Taycan as well as Porsche Taycan lease deals.

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Engine* & Performance

Porsche's electric saloon is available in four variants. The entry-level Taycan, 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S. There are significant price differences between the variants. However, given the level of performance and equipment that each offer, these price differences are quite reasonable. In the acceleration test, Porsche Taycan Turbo S hit the 124-mph milestone in just 9.8 seconds, which is astounding. It doesn't sound like an electric car, does it? Well, it doesn't feel like one either.

The most impressive thing about the Porsche Taycan, apart from its superb road holding, is its ultra-fast acceleration. Regardless of which engine you choose, this is a consequence of cleverly placed motors and transmission systems in the vehicle, consisting of a small electric motor and a 1-speed gearbox on the front axle and a larger one with a 2-speed gearbox on the rear axle. The sophisticated chassis management and the all-wheel drive deliver all the power safely to the road. The entry-level Taycan has a 79.2 kWh capacity. For the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S, the battery pack’s capacity is 93.4 kWh, made up of 396 cells.

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There’s no "poor start" or "turbo lag" in Taycan’s vocabulary. And while the Taycan RWD is the slowest version, it hits 0-62 mph in 5.4 seconds.

Fast driving can drain the battery charge very quickly, but If you drive normally, you won't see the charging station as often. The power consumption of the Taycan 4S is between 21.1-25.7 kWh/100 km, equivalent to a range of 208-288 miles.

With the bigger battery, the Turbo Cross Turismo and Turbos S consume 22.6-25.9 kWh/100 km and 24.3-25.6 kWh/100 km, respectively, translating into charging stops after 245-281 and 242-258 miles. At IONITY's ultra-fast charging stations, 80% charging can take less than half an hour.

Taycan (Entry-Level)
● Battery: 79 kWh-93 kWh
● 326 PS continuous output, 408 PS overboost
● With Performance Plus Package: 350 PS continuous output, 476 PS overboost
● Max. Range: 220-301 miles

Taycan 4S
● Battery: 79 kWh-93 kWh
● 435 PS continuous output, 530 PS overboost
● With Performance Plus Package: 490 PS continuous output, 571 PS overboost
● Battery: Max. Range: 208-288 miles
Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo
● Battery: 93.7 kWh
● 625 PS continuous output, 680 PS overboost
● Max. Combined Range: 245-281 miles

Taycan Turbo S
● Battery: 93.4 kWh
● 625 PS continuous output, 761 PS overboost
● Max. Combined Range: 242-258 miles


Tech & Features

Pricing is a real factor when it comes to purchasing a Taycan since the price disparity between the four models: basic RWD, 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S, are huge. And this is even before any optional features such as carbon-ceramic brakes, active roll stabilisation, all-wheel steering or 20-inch wheels that don't enhance comfort but do improve handling. This means the Taycan's final price tag might exceed £150,000!

Before delving into the tech features of the Taycan, just keep in mind that if buying isn't a viable option for you, we offer some great Porsche Taycan lease deals that will likely work for you. The Porsche Taycan offers a lot of comfort and safety in the style of a luxury class saloon by utilizing adaptive cruise control, active lane-keeping, traffic jam assist, lane change assist, surround-view parking cameras, and a night vision system utilizing an infrared camera to show pedestrians, animals, etc.

The infotainment system of the Porsche Taycan is state-of-the-art and among the very best in the luxury class. Almost everything in the infotainment system is operated by touchscreen as well as via voice command.Thanks to Porsche Connect and the LTE communication module, the Taycan can connect to any digital service or app with a few clicks. Some of these can also be purchased "on-demand" in the Porsche Connect Store. Features such as real-time traffic information, the integration of Apple CarPlay and Apple Music (with over 50 million songs and playlists) into the system are also part of Taycan’s features.

However, the price you pay in the end is primarily spent on performance and battery capacity.

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Exterior Design

With a length of 4.96m, the Porsche Taycan is 89cm shorter than a Porsche Panamera. The design team has done a great job; visually, the Porsche Taycan looks much smaller and sleeker, and the styling is not consciously "electric car". It's a "normal Porsche" design with strong shoulders.

Actually, you may find the Porsche Taycan more striking than any other Porsche. The fact is while most electric cars are met with mixed reactions, the feedback on the Porsche Taycan has been consistently positive.

Even Though battery production isn’t cheap, recent studies have also revealed that electric cars are generally more sustainable compared to their gasoline-powered alternatives in the segment. In other words, the Taycan is popular, more sustainable, and more socially acceptable among the public than any other Porsche.

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Interior Design

Taycan’s interior is equipped with many touchscreens. You can choose different display modes depending on what information you want to see - for example, a mode in which the navigation map is displayed full screen. There’s also an infotainment system In the middle of the dashboard. An additional front passenger display screen is optional.  Altogether, the Taycan has four screens.

In keeping with the latest trends, Porsche now offers a range of materials for the interior, including, for the first time, completely leather-free seats. For this purpose, Race-Tex material is utilized. It’s available in various colours, including black, grey, grey-blue, brown, etc.

Taycan passengers enjoy some of the best and most cushy seats in the industry placed somewhat higher than in the 911 and 718. Besides the ethical aspects and the environmental benefits, Taycan provides an interior that feels sporty, first-class, and high quality and offers superior climate comfort; the seats are cool in summer and warm in winter.

Even though the Taycan may not be a spacious car, the interior space is ideal for four large adults. You can still sit comfortably in the rear despite the low sports car design thanks to so-called "foot garages", consisting of two spots on the floor providing comfortable legroom for rear passengers.

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Driving Dynamics

The batteries of the Porsche Taycan are overlaid below the vehicle, making the centre of gravity lower, resulting in enhanced handling. The Taycan Turbo Salso comes with standard carbon-ceramic brakes, and a 3-chamber adaptive air suspension is standard.

So how does the Taycan drive compared to the 911, 718, and Panamera? In smooth/straightforward driving, the Taycan is somewhere between the Panamera and the 911. While it’s more comfortable than a 911, it’s a little less solid than a Panamera.

It handles the 2.3-ton weight very well around corners due to the low centre of gravity. In fact, the Taycan is as agile as a 911 and even has the feel of a 718. In addition to the performance aspect, the silent electric engine allows more relaxed driving, and thanks to strong noise insulation, Taycan is so quiet that you hardly even notice tire, road or wind noises.

Driving on snow and ice, the Taycan's all-wheel-drive system really comes into play. In normal driving mode with all electronic aids switched on, the Taycan understeers just a little bit. In Sport mode, the drive is a little more tail-heavy for better cornering. And in Sport ESC, you can play with the rear a little but without potentially losing complete control.

In a nutshell, the more you drive the Taycan, the more you get the feeling you just don't want to let it go. Perhaps the best Porsche in terms of driving experience plus the trade-off between sportiness and comfort.

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Porsche Taycan Business Lease Deals

Sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies could utilize business car leasing, also called business contract hire or BCH. It’s a circumstance wherein a company makes fixed monthly installments for 2 to 5 years in exchange for one or a fleet of vehicles.

It’s simply a long-term rental or lease for a fixed, pre-agreed-upon period. When the lease arrangement expires, you actually return the car to the rental agent and walk out, leaving them to deal with the disposal.

There are many benefits to business lease deals. They’re usually cheaper than personal lease deals, and you can reclaim some of your costs through corporate taxes. Moreover, because Taycan is a pure EV, you can save even more via our business lease deals.


Porsche Taycan is an important car in Porsche’s lineup. In every version, the Porsche Taycan is extremely powerful and is in no way inferior to either a Panamera or a 911. Even the Taycan 4S or the new rear-wheel-drive entry-level version are excellent EVs.

With its very sleek and agile design, this car is quite eye-catching and receives a great deal of positive feedback. The vehicle with this performance is not likely to be a range miracle.

However, if you drive the Porsche Taycan in a balanced manner, you can definitely get close to 250 miles on one charge. To learn more about our Porsche Taycan lease deals, please feel free to contact us.

If you want to discuss leasing and how it might benefit you, please don't hesitate by getting in contact, or completing a callback form:

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