FORD Car Leasing Deals

Ford Car Leasing Deals

Here are our latest Ford lease deals. All Ford leasing deals include UK delivery, road tax, and an official manufacturer's warranty!

Why choose Ford?

As one of the largest and most reliable car manufacturers in the world, Ford has an extensive range of cars to suit all your individual tastes and requirements. Ford is a brilliant choice for both personal and business leasing, providing budget, performance and luxury options at affordable leasing prices. motorlet offers an exhaustive variety of leasing deals across the Ford range. Take a look at our Ford leasing deals today!


The most asked questions about leasing a Ford

Thinkimg about leasing a Ford? Hopefully the answers to these frequestly asked questions can help.
The cheapest Ford to lease is the Ford Transit Courier, but for those looking for something practical but slightly smaller, the Ford Puma is the second cheapest model across the incredibly affordable Ford range.
The Ford Fiesta is currently the UK’s most popular model of car, having sold over 45,000 models in 2020. It is also an incredibly popular leasing option thanks to its straightforward drive, user-friendliness and affordability.
Ford cars are incredibly reliable, with many models being voted as some of the most reliable cars available on the market. When you lease a Ford through motorlet, you’re fully covered as all of our leasing models come with full manufacturer’s warranty.
Ford produce a wide range of eco-friendly vehicles that have picked up a huge number of awards across the years. Among the most popular models are the Ford Fiesta 1-litre EcoBoost, Ford Focus Electric, and the Ford C-MAX Solar Energi. These models will help keep your costs low whilst keeping your emissions to a minimum.
Ford lease deals are a lot cheaper than the typical PCP at the moment. Ford release a lot of lease offers and deals, and because there is no APR on the lease payments, they tend to be cheaper monthly. All of the tax is included too!