Your lease cars journey before it gets delivered.

Find out what happens to your lease order between the time you order, and the point it gets delivered.
From order to delivery – your car's journey before it gets delivered.

The order to delivery process - before you recieve your lease vehicle.

So, you’ve placed an order for your next lease car – what now? Your car will go through a few steps before it eventually ends up in your driveway, but we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. Let us give you a peak into the process.

Step 1 - Confirming the order.

Once you’ve ordered your lease vehicle, the supplying dealership will be in touch with us to confirm the order. This means that all systems are go, and you can start to get excited for your new lease vehicle’s arrival.

Step 2 - Waiting for build week.

After your order has been confirmed, you lease order will join the queue of all the new orders currently waiting for their turn in the factory. You’ll then be given a build week - this is the week in which your vehicle will be in production, getting manufactured to your specification. The timeframe of your build week will ultimately depend on how busy the factory is, so it will come down to how many other vehicles are in the queue.

Step 3 - Build week confirmed. 

Until the factory build week is confirmed, it can still be moved backwards or forwards. When your order receives a confirmed build week, we will be able to give you a very accurate date as to when your lease order will be arriving in the UK. Luckily, confirmed build weeks rarely change.

Lease orders usually take around four weeks from the confirmed build week to arrive in the UK, but it’s important to check those details with us before you get your hopes up! Some lease vehicles might take a bit longer to be delivered – the Audi Q5 can take up to five weeks as it’s manufactured all the way in Mexico!

Step 4 - Ready to ship. 

At this point, your lease vehicle has been built to your specification and is ready to make its way to the UK. It will first be moved to a port, ready for loading onto the ship before it heads out on its journey. Once it’s loaded up, your new lease vehicle will soon be on its way to you!

Step 5 - At the UK port. 

At this point, your lease vehicle has made its way across the seas and has arrived in the UK port. It’ll get a thorough check over before being moved onto the dealership, but usually everything will be in pristine order. You can expect your car to take 5-10 days to be moved from the port to the dealership and, around this time, you’ll likely receive the registration for your vehicle.

Step 6 - Arriving at the dealership.

Once your lease vehicle has arrived at the dealership, it will undergo a pre-delivery inspection (known as the PDI) to ensure everything really is perfect and ready to be delivered. When the check is complete and the dealership are sure that everything is spot-on, we’ll be able to offer your lease order for delivery. From the day your lease order arrives at the dealership, it will usually take around 4-5 days to be delivered to you.

To find out what to do when taking delivery of your brand-new lease vehicle, check out this guide.


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