Returning your vehicle at the end of your lease deal.

What happens when your car lease ends? Here's everything you need to know about the next steps...
Returning Your Lease Vehicle

When your lease vehicle is coming up for renewal, it’s a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to decide what your next step will be. It’s important for any business or individual to be on the road and make sure a vehicle is there to use when needed.

Depending on the type of your current vehicle agreement, you may have a number of options to choose from when you come to end of your agreement:

1. Extend your lease

On some agreements, you’ll have the option to extend your lease and keep the same vehicle for an additional 1-3, 6 or 12 months. However, this is not always an option, so speak to your account manager and they can find out if this it is on your agreement.

2. Purchase your vehicle

Depending on the finance company your agreement is with, you may have the choice to purchase it. This can be done as a one off payment, or you can look at refinancing so you continue to pay monthly until you own it. Again, this is not offered on every agreement, so please speak to your account manager if this is an option you want to look at.

3. Renew for new

This is the most popular option, getting a brand new vehicle with a full warranty, so you can continue with risk free driving. Planning ahead also means that you will have plenty of time to order a vehicle, allowing you to have a vehicle built to your desired specification. We will be in touch with you to discuss all of our current offers and arrange your new vehicle.

Arranging collection


Booking the collection of your vehicle can be done at any time, but we advise it’s booked at least 10-14  days in advance. We might be able to book the collection in on your behalf, however you may be required to speak to your finance provider directly, depending on who your agreement is with.

Collections only take place on working days, during either the AM or PM, so we cannot book it on a weekend or bank holiday.

If you want us to book it in for you, we only need a few details:

  • Contact Name & Number
  • Collection Address
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Chosen Collection Date & Time Slot

Provide these details to your account manager and they’ll be able to book in your collection.

Collection preparation

There are a number of things you can do to make sure your car is collection ready:

Inspect the vehicle

We recommend that you inspect to your both in and out. It’s always worth doing this during the day in clear light, so you do not miss a thing.


This is what you should be looking out for:


  • Scratches (over 25mm or under 25mm if bare metal is showing)
  • Alloy damage (i.e. chips & scuffs)
  • Windscreen damage (i.e. chips & cracks)
  • Body Damage (dents etc)
  • Accidental damage (you may not be aware of)


  • Tears and burns to the upholstery
  • Smells and odours
  • Missing accessories (i.e. SD cards or car mats)
  • Faulty buttons/controls
  • Service book
  • Both sets of keys
  • Safety equipment (i.e. hi-vis jacket and warning triangle)

If anything is damaged, we recommend that you arrange for repairs before the collection. The same goes for missing items, we recommend that you replace these too.

It is worth remembering that fair wear and tear does apply, which is damage that occurs due to normal use of the vehicle. As this is not caused by poor treatment or behaviour, you will not be charged for this.

Excess mile​age charges

You must also take into account the excess mileage charge, if you have gone over your total contracted mileage allowance. Within your finance documents you will have a breakdown of your excess mileage costs. Some finance providers will charge in brackets (i.e. the first 5,000 miles over may be charged at 10 pence, whereas anything over that may be charged at 15 pence), whereas other will charge a flat rate for every mile you go over. If you cannot find this, please call us and we can advise.This is payable after the vehicle is collected.



On the day of collection, you will be called by the collected approximately an hour before they arrive, so you can make sure you’re ready. When they arrive, they’ll inspect the car with you present, record all damage on a collection notice and ask you to sign to say you’re happy with what they have recorded.

You must hand over all equipment that came with the vehicle at this stage (both sets of keys, SD cards, tyre repair kit etc). If you fail to hand over everything you received with the car, you may be charged. You must also make sure the vehicle is safe and roadworthy, as well as clean so the collector can carry out a full inspection. If you fail to do this, the collector can abort the collection and you will be charged a fee (this fee can differ depending on your finance provider).

Private registrations (Cherished Plates)

Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure your private registration has been put on retention before the collection takes place. This can take anywhere up to 8 weeks, so please carry out this process with plenty of time to spare.

If you want to discuss leasing and how it might benefit you, please don't hesitate by getting in contact, or completing a callback form: