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What is car leasing?

Car leasing is a simple way of driving a brand new car every few years without any of the hassle that comes with owning one. Just decide how long you want to lease it (usually 2, 3 or 4 years), your mileage allowance, and your initial rental.

Your new lease car is delivered for free, to any mainland UK address, and at the end of your lease, your car is collected by the lease company.  All leases include a full manufacturer warranty, breakdown cover and road tax. An optional maintenance package can cover all your servicing and tyres costs too. 

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    Once you’ve chosen your lease car, it’s time to apply for credit. This is done online and is a quick and easy process.

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    Whilst your car is being prepped, we’ll send you your lease agreement. Just sign and return, then sit back and relax until your vehicle is ready.

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    As soon as your vehicle is ready, we contact you to arrange your free UK mainland delivery. Upon arrival, it’s time to enjoy!

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Compare car lease deals

If you’re in the market for a new lease car, it’s likely you’re spending a lot of time comparing prices to make sure you get the best deal. As a leasing broker, we have a huge network of dealers across the UK, so we know exactly where the best deals are. We work with every make and model too, so if your money can go further on another lease car, we tell you!

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How to lease your car with motorlet

New to leasing? We understand that it can look confusing, and you might have a few burning questions on your mind. It’s a simple process, and our team will do most of the legwork - you just need to give us the details on your perfect lease deal, and we’ll get it sorted with the cheapest deals on the market for 2022.

To help you get to grips, we’ve put together a collection of our most frequently asked questions, and you can always check out our guides for some more information. If you need help, the motorlet team are here and happy to chat.

There are many advantages to leasing a car or van. The first one is the ownership – or lack of! Because you don’t own the car, you don’t have to worry about the depreciation or having to sell it when you want a new one which, if you’ve done before, you know can be a faff! It also means you’re skipping out on the high APR rates that come with the typical finance arrangement.


All car and van lease deals include a full manufactures warranty, which means if anything goes wrong, it’s not you who has to put their hand in their pocket. You just give the lease company a call and they take care of the rest. Road tax and breakdown cover are included too, and if you opt to include maintenance, all your servicing and tyres costs are taken care of. Just insure it and put the fuel (or electric) in!


When your lease contract comes to an end, the car is collected free of charge. We usually get in touch around 6 (12 at the minute!) months before the end date, so if you want to lease again, you can order your new one to arrive on the same day. This is perfect if you like to swap cars regularly, or just hate the hassle of selling on a used car at a depreciated price.


Because you aren’t paying to own your lease car, you’re also skipping out on the high APR rates that come with the typical finance arrangement. If you’d like to learn more about the car leasing process, take a look at our range of guides.

We’re transparent with our fees and charges so you won’t be hit with anything unexpected, but it’s worth noting that some circumstances will come with a fee. Should you go over your mileage, you’ll be charged an excess mileage charge that will be agreed at the start of your contract. You’ll also be required to pay damage charges if you have any issues with your car upon returning it that sit outside of reasonable wear and tear. As well, negligence fees apply in some circumstances, such as having your lease car serviced at an unapproved garage, and if you return your car with tires below the minimum guidelines.


If you decide to terminate your lease contract before your contract ends, early termination fees will apply depending on your personal situation. All these details will be explained by one of our Leasing Consultants, so you’ll be aware of every possible scenario before you enter into a contract.

No matter how cheap a lease deal is, you’ll get some handy bits included as standard. All our lease deals include free UK mainland delivery, as well as an official manufacturer’s warranty (between 3 and 7 years, depending on the manufacturer!), breakdown cover for at least 12 months, and road tax for the entire lease period.


If you’d like to take even more of the stress out of leasing your new car, you can choose to include a maintenance package which covers the costs of servicing, tyres, repairs, and general upkeep. You might also choose to add on SMART, SMART Plus, and/or GAP Insurance, and our team can help you decide if this would be beneficial for you. It’s worth noting that your standard insurance isn’t included in your lease deal, but setting that up is the same as if you owned the car.

The initial rental is the first payment you make on your lease car and will heavily influence your monthly rentals going forward. The more you pay initially, the less you pay per month, and vice versa. You can choose to put down a cash sum (like £1,000) and we’ll calculate the rest of your payments based on that, or more commonly, you might opt for a payment profile.


Payment profiles usually work out to be a fixed number of monthly payments in one go – so a multiple of whatever you’re paying per month. For example, if you’re on a two-year car lease contract (24 months), and you pay the equivalent of nine monthly rentals up front – your payment profile will be 9 + 23, as you’ve paid the equivalent of nine monthly payments upfront. Using a payment profile in this way will reduce the monthly costs of your lease deal, so you can utilise this in any way you want. It’s worth noting that your overall cost doesn’t change much if you pay more upfront.

Fair wear and tear is the minor damage we expect to see from a used lease car – nobody is expecting you to return your vehicle as if it hasn’t been used! The BVRLA have created a guide that explains in detail what classifies as wear and tear and what will be considered as damage, so you can rest assured that everything will be examined using these guidelines on the return of your car. You’ll be able to check it over beforehand, too. For example, a scratch to your body work that’s under 25mm, and isn’t showing bare metal, will be classified as wear and tear, whereas something bigger than this may be considered as damage.


We know that accidents happen, and damages can occur, so you’ll just need to be sure to get these fixed before its time to hand your car back. You can contact our team for a copy of the BVRLA guide, and your manufacturer will usually have their own guide that we can supply you with as well. Of course, you can hand it back and pay the damage charge, it’s completely up to you – you’ll be surprised to hear they aren’t too dissimilar to what it’ll cost you to repair the damage yourself.


If you’d like to know more about wear and tear on your lease car, you can take a look through our guide or have a chat with the motorlet team.

During your lease contract, there are some changes you can make if you need too. Should you find yourself getting close to your contracted mileage, you can opt to increase this limit to avoid excess mileage charges. You’ll find that different companies have different guidelines for this, so it’s best to chat with our team to see what we can do for your personal situation.


If you get to the end of your contract and decide you want to keep your lease car for a longer period, our team can help you arrange this. It may not be possible in all situations, but it’s usually doable and can be easily sorted. We can’t, however, offer you the opportunity to hand your car back and upgrade early, so keep that in mind when you enter your lease contract.

When comparing car lease deals a general myth we hear is that the cheaper the purchase price of a car, the cheaper it’ll be to lease. This is not always true. Of course, a van or car lease deal is calculated with your terms in mind (mileage allowance, how long you want it, etc), but another important factor is the residual value.


The residual value (or RV for short) is what the car leasing company expect your car to be worth when it’s collected at the end of your agreement. This means that if a lease company believes a car worth £40,000 is going to depreciate a lot less than a car worth £35,000, it’s likely the lease deal on the £40,000 car will be cheaper per month.


For example, if you lease a Mercedes A-Class worth £35k, but in green with brown leather, the RV is probably going to drop a lot more than that of a Mercedes A-Class worth £40k, in black with black leather. Why? I don’t think the demand will be too high on a green car with brown leather... This means the lease deal is likely to be cheaper on the £40k Mercedes A-Class.